Electronic Medical Records Adoption - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between "Implementation" and "Adoption" and why are we focused on Adoption? Beyond Implementation from Haugen & Woodside, says: "The terms implementation and adoption are often used interchangeably, but the outcomes from them are very different. Research suggests that implementation happens as soon as the application becomes available for use, but that adoption happens when the organization is using the application for clinical benefit. Adoption is a dynamic process that requires a sustained effort for the life of the application. To achieve improved outcomes, adoption is mandatory." That is why we are focused on Adoption at Flagler Hospital; yes, Implementation is our next goal but our vision is Adoption.

What is Zynx? Zynx Health is an organization founded in 1996 to become the leader in providing "evidence-based" and "experienced-based" clinical decision support for hospitals. By providing over 2,000 hospitals with clinical evidence, order sets, care plans, practice guidelines, quality forecasters and clinical decision support at the point of care, they have helped hospitals show significant improvements in quality of patient care, lower cost per case, decrease length of stay and reduction in mortality. Flagler Hospital is integrating Zynx Health in to all that we do so that our orders and care plans are soundly based on current evidence.

What devices will I use to access the electronic health record in the hospital? A device fair will be scheduled providing an opportunity for physicians to view, examine and evaluate a variety of devices including desktop PC's, portables and computers on wheels. Physician feedback and preferences will be utilized when making a final determination of the most appropriate devices to provide a seamless flow of information among providers, patients and payers. More information on the date and time of the device fair will be posted as it becomes available.

Will my personal order sets be used? Personal order sets will not be used. Following Flagler Hospital's EMR Guiding Principles, we will utilize the evidence-based care incorporated within Zynx order set templates. PIT Crew reviewers representative of the appropriate disciplines will review all order sets currently in use at Flagler Hospital and will assimilate the content to "Flaglerize" the Zynx current evidence templates.

What really does Patient Centered Care mean? Patient-centered care is a core component of healthcare quality recognized by the Institute of Medicine. In broad terms, patient-centered care is a model in which providers partner with patients and their families to identify and satisfy the full range of patient needs and preferences. Electronic medical records enhance this by ensuring, regardless of where the patient is seen, in your office, in the ER, in the hospital or in your colleague's office across town, all the patient's information is available to you so that the best decisions can be made about the patient's care quickly.

What does "Value Based Care" mean? Our national healthcare system is in the process of changing from one which pays us for "doing lots of things" (the more things we do, the more we get paid), to one which will pay us for "doing things well" (the better our outcomes, the better our payments). As we move to this new model, it requires the coordination of care, based on sound evidence, provided in a timely way, that is our goal. Our new iCare, iConnect EMR project will provide us the vehicle by which we can get there.