Flagler Hospital has targeted completing 150 electronic order sets prior to the Go Live launch of Allscripts Sunrise Enterprise. The PIT Crew plays an integral role in this important initiative. The process for the refinement and adoption of these electronic order sets is as follows:

  1. Each order set is built by a Zynx or Flagler analyst, incorporating best practices, evidence and reminders
  2. The order set is reviewed and "Flaglerized" by Flagler Pharmacy
  3. A "Style Guide" review takes place to assure consistent style.
  4. The order set is assigned to a Flagler Pit Crew Physician to review and correct
  5. Each order set is then reviewed by the appropriate department(s) for consensus
  6. At this stage, the order set is published in "ViewSpace" (a Zynx application) so that all Flagler Physicians can review the Order Set and comment for 1 week.
  7. The order set goes back to the 21 member Pit Crew for final approval
  8. Assigned simultaneously to Quality, Radiology, Lab, Nursing, Social Services and Risk Management for review
  9. Any changes are reviewed by the Core Pit Crew physicians and the entire Pit Crew, as needed.
  10. The final oder set is sent to a Flagler Analyst for final style guide review
  11. The OSIT tool is used to convert and install the Order Set in Allscripts Sunrise Clinical Manager for use

***ZynxOrder includes evidence-based order sets, clinical decision support rules, and quality measures. The more than 1,100 order set templates cover the major disease-related groups and symptoms for adults and pediatric patients in hospital settings, and are customizable in an online content

management system that enables version control and maintenance.

View the style guide by clicking here.